i work as a full time tax attorney for an S&P 500 company, but investing is my passion. After a number of request from readers, I am available for project work.

I can be reached at the following:

Twitter: @PunchcardInvesting

Email:  PunchcardBlog@gmail.com

Samples of my work are available upon request.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Buffett’s comment was for the defensive investors who don’t take investing seriously and invest their savings into stock market. These investors do not have the time or knowledge to do proper analysis of the companies. For such investors, investing into index funds regularly will generate decent returns over the long term.

    For enterprising investors such as yourself, who will spend considerable time in stock analysis, index funds naturally does not make any sense and stock picking is the way to go.

    Given your passion on value investing, you have taken the right path of full time investing. I wish you all the best and hope you will make a mini-berkshire some day.

  2. Dear Sir/ Madame,
    I really admire you have created outstanding blog for moat seekers who has desire to learn how to figure out where lays moat as well as great franchise model. I consider your blog as a masterpiece. Furthermore, I am really content to say to you I am thankful for broad knowledge you cater on your website.

    Tomasz Artur.

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